Sunday, November 14, 2010

ACS (Australian Computer Society) is a designated body, whose work is to assess IT (Information Technology) applicants who wish to apply for an Australian Permanent Residency i.e. under IT Skilled Migration category. It is strongly advised that applicants read the ACS guidelines and other related documents thoroughly and very carefully. All the relevant and important documents can be found on ACS website

A careful read is necessary as it'll make you aware of the latest ACS Guidelines and guide you through the skills assessment application process.
It'll also let you assess your skills based on the latest Australian General Skilled Migration List.

It should be kept in mind that an applicant can also be assessed on the basis of a candidate's work experience. Detailed information on this can be found in the ACS guidelines which can be downloaded from here: ACS Guidelines. After you've carefully read the ACS guidelines and you are confident that you'll qualify for the Australian PR i.e. your skills match the skills list, you can proceed with the skills assessment process with ACS. 

ACS skills assessment application

The ACS Skills assessment process involves 2 steps:
  1. Filling and submitting an online application
  2. Sending (mailing) the hard-copies of the documents and application to ACS
Online Application
Filling and submitting an online application is a very simple process which requires a one-page form to be filled! A link to start an online application can be found on ACS website. You'll be required to fill in the following information:
  • Skills Application Type
  • Personal Details
  • contact Details
  • Qualification Details
  • Work Experience Details
  • Payment Information (at the time of submission)
Please note that it is not mandatory to submit the application if you are not sure about it or the information is incomplete. The online form will allow you to save your application (An application Id and password will be provided to continue a saved application). Also, please pay close attention and be wary of whatever information is put in because a minor mistake can ruin your assessment.

At the time of submission, you'll also be provided with a soft copy of your application. Save it to a folder for future reference.

After the online application is complete and submitted, the next step is to send hard-copies of the documents to ACS. This is necessary and a requirement by ACS. The most important part for sending a hard-copy application is "Cover-Letters". The hard-copy version of an ACS application will include following documents to be sent to ACS for review:
  • Signed copy of the online application
  • Copy of signed Email notification of online application along with the reference number
  • Certificate copy of Birth Certificate
  • Certified copies of educational documents i.e. undergraduate & post-graduate transcripts/letter of completion/degree
  • Certified copy of any experience letter/certificate
The above list of documents are mandatory documents, though there is a comprehensive list of documents which has to be sent if applicable and required. For a complete list of documents, please refer to the ACS guidelines. Also, the next section highlights cover-letters which are the most important part for an ACS application.

While sending a hard-copy of your ACS application, it is very important to write cover letters for each part of the application. The application should be accompanied & supported by various cover letters i.e. 

  • A General Cover letter for the entire application
  • Cover Letters for other parts of the application

The application should be very simple to read and understand. For the purpose of making an application simple and concise, it is essential that the application be divided/segregated into different sections. It should be noted that there should be a General Cover letter for the entire application and cover letters for subsequent sections. This division, along with supported cover letters for each section will enable the assessing officer analyse and assess your application quickly as it'll make his/her life easier. Therefore, the goal should be to avoid unnecessary information from your application and include only relevant information and design your cover letters professionally. Below I've included samples (templates) of General Cover Letter and other cover letters which I used for my application.

General ACS Cover Letter Template: Download
Specific ACS Cover Letter Template: Download

The specific ACS Cover Letter Template has to be created for each section. By section it means each category of document which needs to be sent to ACS (For e.g. there are 10 different sections in the General ACS Cover Letter Template above).

I'd strongly suggest everybody to please thoroughly go through the latest ACS documentation, FAQ and guidelines on their website.

Note: The above content may not be valid and does not guarantee anything.

All the best for your assessment